What do we do?
At Brooks Wealth Management, we specialise in face to face, quality and professional Independent Financial Advice that you can trust! We offer money advice and planning on investments including a review of your existing investments to recommend a more cohesive and tax efficient approach. Our specialism is in flexible pension and retirement advice to help you navigate the maze that is pension legislation and retirement options, whether it is from a company funded pension through to private pensions.

We will help you line up those investments to support your retirement and make them efficient from a taxation and care perspective. We provide guidance in a number of areas around financial protection including long term care annuity, estate planning and inheritance tax mitigation by recommending protection solutions. This is essential for those people or families who may suffer financially should they suffer an untimely demise or ill health.

When we talk to our clients we are interested in your needs today and your needs in the future. Generally, clients who engage with Brooks Wealth Management and their advisers will be looking to form a relationship that will last many years, and even the rest of your life. We will talk to you about how that works and we will set out a plan on how to look at your finances, not just in this year but in the years to come.


About Us

About us

  • We are a firm of entirely independent financial advisors – our advice is honest and impartial
  • We are local and ensure that we always meet our customers face to face
  • New clients receive a free, no obligation initial consultation
  • All our advisers have extensive experience in their specialist areas
  • We care about giving you the right advice, at the right price so you can achieve your long term personal and financial goals

We are a truly independent advice firm offering independent and chartered advice on Financial Protection, End of Life planning (retirement, long term care and inheritance tax), investment, savings, legal, taxation and managing debt.

Our aim is to deliver great financial advice at a reasonable cost and we will not allow you to instruct us without you being convinced we can be of service. If you do not feel the advice meets your needs, we will refer you to other advisers where their advice is more suitable.

We meet all clients for an initial meeting, without obligation and at our cost, prior to engaging.

Our partnership with other service providers

We outsource compliance, administration and accounting support, to create an environment where our business can offer local advice with the support of large corporate business.

This is a partnership that delivers continuity and stability for Brooks Wealth and for you, our clients. We remain committed to you in all areas and in providing advice with appropriate choices, delivering security and real value.

Our Vision remains the same: to offer great advice on reasonable terms to every client, as per our client focus.

Client focus

Our focus remains on ensuring we put you, the client, at the heart of everything we do.

From a regulatory perspective, there are three simple rules we follow:

  • give clear status disclosure;
  • give clear fee and service disclosure; and
  • give good quality, demonstrably suitable advice.


Delivering client value remains the focus, where we will leverage the scale of the business and our partnerships with others to drive down costs and provide exclusive benefits.

We are leading from the front with regards to developments in the Retirement and Auto Enrolment markets with major enhancements due in both areas.

Consolidating assets to create economy, value and a cohesive investment approach, is key to our proposition and will create greater choice and value for clients.

Against a backdrop of regulatory change, we have transitioned into Brooks Wealth from Ashley Law to create a new ‘fit for the future’ advisory service; we have simply transformed our business and will continue to do so to meet our client’s needs.

We have increased our staff to improve client contact and service and expand our offering. We anticipate and plan to grow at a similar pace for the foreseeable future.

Over the last few years, the FSA has introduced the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) transition to move traditional IFAs away from being commission based to advisory based. We were always confident we would rise to the occasion and we'd be a stronger business as a result. Where others saw problems with RDR, we saw opportunities for a more professional advice service, which is what we deliver.

RDR is the FSA retail distribution review or in simply put the regulators increased regulation and requirements for advisers.

Cultural fit:

Culture is how we operate, how we present ourselves to the wider world, and how we act in accordance to what we believe in. Put simply, culture is the ‘personality’ of a business, and something we feel we have right in Brooks Wealth from the start.

We retain a small family feel, whilst outsourcing compliance functions to Intrinsic to provide big company stability and back up.

Our focus however, is YOU, the client:

IFA`s must deliver positive client outcomes, providing real leadership and demonstrating to clients the benefits of dealing with a true integrated office where all personnel are accessible to every client. Our partners scale enables us to deliver exclusive products and real value, whilst our independent focus has delivered great performance and reduced volatility for our clients.

Financial strength:

Financial strength is even more important for continued service and ongoing advice and we are proud to be a debt free business.

The business model:

The successful IFAs will be the ones which adjust their business model to secure greater client satisfaction. We have built Brooks Wealth to offer the greatest client satisfaction possible while accepting the need for constant change in this ever changing environment which we live in, but our clients will determine how we change from the feedback from the surveys we ask every client to complete.

Our increased and increasing scale, our dominant position in the marketplace, and the immediate benefits of our enhanced proposition mean that you will benefit from quality advice on your doorstep.

When we asked clients, what they would expect of their advisers, you have commented that you want choice, value and security. So we modelled our business to offer you the client experience that you want based around the key beliefs of being easy to deal with, and providing a valued, trusted service — again demonstrating the client centric approach to our business.

Putting the client at the heart of everything we do, i.e. Client focus, was very much the theme of our initial planning, which looked at the FCA’s focus on ‘Conduct Risk’ and linked to it, good client outcomes.

In simple terms, the Regulator wants us to identify, manage and mitigate any risks to delivering good client outcomes from how we organise ourselves to how we operate and how we actually behave.

This can be summarised as three basic ‘rules’ for advisers to follow:

First, give clear status disclosure – clients need to understand what it means to be restricted or independent.

Secondly, give clear fee and service disclosure –clients need to understand when and what they will be charged and the services they will be charged for.

And finally, give good quality, demonstrably suitable advice – the right advice, at the right time.

At Brooks Wealth, we already felt that all clients should expect this from us and we did not see a game changing need in this regulation so we were surprised by the need to point this out but we are happy to see our vision stated in clear terms by our regulator.

Our vision is to be the region’s leading wealth management advice firm offering good quality advice at a reasonable cost to all clients.

“What really separates those who merely aspire to lead, from those who actually achieve, is what comes from within. It’s about the attitude you have, it’s about the way you approach every single day and everything you do. It’s about complete, utter, single minded focus on the task at hand," said Andy Brooks, "but most importantly, above all else, it’s about belief. Believing in ourselves and believing in this vision for the Brooks wealth business."

"So we will set the new standard, create the blueprint and become the advice company that all other companies will want to emulate."

Leading from the front to deliver genuine client value, thankfully in a post-RDR world, it is all about the advice and service, all underpinned by the right proposition.

We understand the importance of our overall business model and culture and the fact that every adviser, regardless of status or the market in which they operate, has a huge responsibility ahead and will all contribute to the overall client experience. We aim to make our client experience excellent at every point that they touch our company.

This will be true at all the key milestones a typical client would face. From first savings through to building a pension’s pot to last throughout retirement, we value all clients and expect them to all feel that value, good advice and security was offered and delivered at each point of need.

Every journey is different. No website or off-the-shelf service can possibly compete with expert advice delivered face-to-face, and the long-term relationships you build your advisers. The need for advice is there, and we are in the very best position to provide it.


The final element of delivering client value is service, and the way we facilitate this is through the use of technology.

What we look for in an effective technology solution: “It should enrich the client experience. It should bring the advice to life… enabling the client to have a clear picture of their financial situation and giving them the information they need in an accessible way. Technology should enable us to maintain contact with you the client, so we can provide regular progress reports and lead you through your financial journey.”

OVER £20k raised!

We (the Peterborough British Heart Foundation Fund Raising committee) raised well over £20,000 in 2013 from events such as the Villages of Rocking Forest Bike Ride. We will do the same in 2014.

To enter the bike ride, you only need to pay entry but obviously if you want to raise sponsorship we appreciate the contributions. Last year we had over 180 people take part so please come along. Please contact us for details.

We continue to offer free advice and presentations to groups and individuals under our Pro Bona services, where every Brooks Wealth adviser agrees to commit time to help clients who otherwise would not be able to afford advice.

We are proud to be affiliated with Peterborough environment city trust and travel choice.

After three decades in Financial Services, I have seen many changes; some of these have been to the advantage of clients and some of them not.  However, moving into the new Retail Distribution Review (RDR) the whole industry has now had to consider the client at the centre of its solutions and the value added offered to the client through the service provided. This was in keeping with the whole ethos that we have been working towards for the last three years in the establishment of Brooks Wealth Management.

We wanted to develop a company that would put the client at the centre of all of our business dealings. We offer a quality service at a reasonable price providing value for money for the more discerning client.

Rather than setting up a transactional model, the Brooks Wealth Management company was established to offer a relationship model where clients would feel confident that their needs would be met, not just initially but going forward. Of course, if a single piece of advice only is required we can service this but our aim is to provide full, holistic financial planning advice, not just for now but for as long as it’s required.

The advisers within Brooks Wealth Management have been recruited especially for their skills in communicating with clients and for their desire to be part of a business offering clients a premium wealth management service.

Initially, the business grew from the takeover of Ashley Law Peterborough and after only one year of trading it has expanded in terms of the client experience and availability of advice offered.  We will continue to invest in the development of our staff and the business for the benefit of our existing clients and for new clients.

We firmly believe that, going forward, many clients will still want to have an Adviser that they meet regularly, where their needs are considered and then appropriate advice will be offered to help them meet their needs and we aim to ensure that all meetings are face to face as much as possible. 

We therefore limit adviser client numbers to ensure that every client will get the service they need and expect.

This is the main aim of Brooks Wealth Management, and the whole reason for its creation, is good advice offered for a reasonable fee, over the life time of the need. We will look to our existing clients for feedback on ways to improve and we will always look for entrepreneurial ways to meet the clients’ needs with a holistic approach to Financial Planning and managing wealth.


  • "Approaching retirement I was looking for advice regarding my pension. Sharon offered me professional advice and options which were easy for me to understand and follow. Sharon's friendly approach and clear explanation's made the process much easier. I am happy and confident that the outcome was
    Yvonne, Cambridgeshire Sept 2016
  • "We would like to register our total satisfaction with your professional dealings with us, making the technical details understandable and your patience dealing with old fogeys like us! "
    Mr and Mrs R, Whittlesey
  • "I would like to express my thanks to Eamonn Dorling who has been my financial adviser for a number of years. During this time he has helped me adapt financially from employment to retirement by making my pensions plans work well for me and managing my savings and investments to provide a
    Mr S, Stamford
  • "I was impressed that the Advisers took the time to discuss and understand my individual circumstances, requirements and risk tolerance by asking detailed questions about my lifestyle and financial goals.I received a clear and concise report of everything discussed and a detailed suitability report
    Trish, Cambridgeshire
  • "Sharon has been a tremendous help to me in recent months. She knows I have little understanding of complex financial matters and always makes herself available to explain things thoroughly. She is very professional yet friendly and approachable and has the ability to make you feel you are her only
    Sue, Cambridgeshire
  • "I would like to express my gratitudes for your services and to Eamonn for making a difficult subject understandable, plus his cheerful and efficient handling of all the paperwork. July, 2016 "
    Mr W, Whittlesey
  • "Dear Sirs, I would like to express my thanks to Eamonn Dorling "
    Mr S - Stamford
  • "Dear Eamonn......We would like to register our total satisfaction with your professional dealings with us, making the technical details understandable and your patience dealing with old fogeys like us. We would happily recommend you to anyone when needing plain language financial advice. Mrs R
    Mr & Mrs R from Whittlesey
  • "We have been clients of Andy for a number of years now, and have always been delighted with the advice and personal service provided.   Andy goes the extra mile to ensure we understand and are comfortable with the products being recommended, before we commit. "
    Alan & Gina (Fenland)
  • "I have been using Andy's services for a few years now. When I first went to him, my pensions and investments were in a disorganised and stagnant mess. Andy soon worked his magic, and now my pensions and investments have been organised, simplified and are growing at a most satisfying rate. I find
    Tom Yaxley
  • "I met Andy from Brooks Wealth some time ago through Milton Golf Course and he has helped me with many areas of financial planning. It is nice to know you have a trusted adviser to approach when you need to make life decisions. I meet with Andy regularly, at his office in the Peterborough town
    Howard, Peterborough.
  • "Having spent years squirrelling away for our retirement we now want to be sure we can realise as many of our dreams as possible.   And we need to be re-assured that our early retirement plans were not a big mistake.  Since 2009 we have sought advice from Andy who has helped steer us
    Julie and Steven Apethorpe
  • "“I felt they cared about my finances both on a personal and professional level and I am not just another anonymous client.  The initial advice and after care provided are both comprehensive and tailored to my personal needs.  I would not hesitate in recommending them to friends and
    Deborah, Spalding
  • "In the 5 years or more since Mr Brooks (or Andy, if you prefer) has dealt with our financial affairs we have always found him to be thorough and knowledgeable and he has given us useful advice on various financial products, always bearing in mind our own particular needs.   "
    Christine and John Cambridge
  • "I have used Andy and his team for a number of years for myself and my client’s needs. The advice and service has always been very clear and professional.” "
    Wahid Rehman - TaxAssist Accountants
  • "I have no hesitation in recommending my clients to Brooks Wealth. I have found them to be a friendly, informative and client focused organisation. Andy's professionalism makes the whole process very straightforward and I’d recommend him highly. "
    Aleisha White, Independent Social Worker
  • "I met Andy at a business networking event and he quickly became involved in The British Heart Foundation Peterborough Fundraising Group. He bought with him some new members, some great ideas around how to introduce new funding streams and plenty of enthusiasm. Andy is extremely professional in
    Nigel Cole, Volunteer Fundraising Manager (Northants & Cambs)

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Our People

Our team is very important to us, as is making certain we provide you with the best possible professional financial advice.

Our People

  • Andy Brooks FPFS Cert CII (MP&ER) Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the CII - Principal Financial Planner & Managing Director

    Andy Brooks, the Founder and Principle, is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance...More>

  • Louise Meadows MLIBF, DipFA - Office Manager

    As Office Manager (the oracle), Louise is the pivotal point for the Office and is responsible for...More>

  • Megan Brown MAAT - Accounts Manager

    Megan oversees client and business accounts and is first point of call for any finance related...More>

  • Eamonn Dorling DipPFS, Cert CII (MP&ER) - Senior Financial Planner

    Eamonn specialises in Later Life planning and advises those seeking to preserve their wealth and...More>

  • Sharon Kumari MLIBF, DipFA - Independent Financial Adviser

    Sharon holds professional qualifications relevant to give independent financial advice in...More>

  • Debbie Edis Financial Executive

    Debbie provides administrative assistance to the advisers. She ensures that all client...More>

  • Joe Jennings Business Development Manager

    Joe, our Business Development Manager, is known locally as a trusted advocate for peoples life...More>

From time to time, we have vacancies to join our team. Please check back regularly to ensure that you don’t miss
out on any opportunities;alternatively send us your CV and a short presentation about what you can bring
to the team to help us grow and send to:



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